Adelaide 36ers / June 23rd, 2017

With the 21 pick of the draft the Oklahoma City Thunder select..?

Terrance Ferguson

There’s no doubt about it the signing of American young gun Terrance Ferguson was one of the biggest the club has ever seen. The relationship now between the Adelaide 36ers with the NBA has never been greater and with no better display than having potentially 3 players and a coach on rosters for the NBA Summer League.

Terrance landed in Adelaide on the 31st July a day before pre-season but soon became a fan-favourite with his smile and personality shining through straight away. A well accoladed American Junior, already winning 3 gold medals for his country, big things were expected from Terrance.

Raheim Brown creator of The Dream Academy, integral part of bringing Terrance to Australia said “To be coached by some of the most successful & diverse coaches the league has to offer in the Adelaide 36ers was key. The organization and staff, especially that of the CEO Guy Hedderwick and Coach Joey Wright, who were very supportive and believed in our vision to make this a reality, was nothing short of remarkable. It’s certainly been a collective effort as a whole, and what a remarkable season we all had together”.

Its no secret it took time for Terrance to adjust to the Australian game but once he did, it was clear to see why there was so much hype around this ‘kid’ from America. Our coaches loved him, our players loved him but most importantly he was great to all of our fans and everyone in the community loved him.

Newly appointed Captain of the Adelaide 36ers said about Terrance “To think Terrance is only 18 is incredible. The ability he has and the things he can do is advanced for someone his age. Over the course of the season he developed his professionalism off the court and it was a huge pleasure getting to know him as a person”

Now, Terrance signing with the Thunder gets to live the dream he has dedicated his life to. Living by his motto ‘Low, Life’ meaning Lack of Worries, Living in fearless effort’ the teenager is confident the time here spent with the Adelaide 36ers was one of genius and has him more prepared for the NBA then any other preparation he could have taken.

Coach of the Adelaide 36ers Joey Wright said “Great opportunity for Terrance, he is a fantastic young man with a big future, it is always exciting to see someone exciting to see someone you know go to the states, it’s a very exciting day for him, I look forward to cheering him on”

Thank you Terrance from the Adelaide 36ers, we look forward to following your career.

Follow the link below to watch when the NBL caught up with Terrance;