Life Members

Our Life Members have made a significant contribution to Adelaide 36ers. We value them highly and know that without their assistance the club would not be where it is today.

  • Peter Ali
  • Mark Aufderheide
  • Cheryl Bernard
  • Dick Butler
  • Jeff Coulls
  • Mark Davis
  • Ian Day
  • Al Green
  • Graham Lee
  • Albert Leslie
  • David Martin
  • Michael McKay
  • Scott Ninnis
  • Darryl Pearce
  • Greg Peck
  • Barry Richardson
  • Malcom Simpson
  • John Thompson
  • Ian Thornton
  • Ray Wood
  • Jack Wood
  • Joyce Wood
  • Keith Woods
  • Michael Woodcock
  • Christine Howe
  • Phil Smyth
  • Steve Breheny






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