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Supporting key charities is important to being a socially responsible business and the Adelaide 36ers support the Hudson Maher Foundation.

We encourage members and fans to get behind this wonderful charity.


Hudson Maher Foundation


It’s hard to imagine anything more heart wrenchingly painful than discovering your child was suffering from a life-threatening disease.

Yet, for some people, this trauma can be made even more difficult to cope with by the acute financial pressures that can arise when seeking the necessary medical treatments.

While private health cover can help with the treatment itself, there are often a number of associated costs that can stretch parents to breaking point – at a time when they may be forced to cease work indefinitely and stop earning an income.

This is where the Hudson Maher Foundation can help.

Practical, day-to-day financial assistance in times of extreme need for parents of children suffering life-threatening bone marrow diseases, the Hudson Maher Foundation can provide financial support to help cover associated costs of specialist medical treatment, such as:

  • Inter and intra-state travel to locations of specialist treatment.
  • Temporary rental accommodation.
  • Travel to and from treatment centres.
  • Mortgage and insurance payments







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