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Adelaide 36ers proud to announce partnership with Dreams2Live4

24 Mar
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The Adelaide 36ers are delighted to announce their charity partnership with Dreams2Live4, the only charity in Australia that makes dreams come true for adults with metastatic cancer (meaning any cancer that has spread), brain cancer grade 3 and grade 4, relapsed lymphoma and relapsed leukaemia.

“After hearing about the work of Dreams2Live4, we are proud to partner with them to raise awareness and support the invaluable work they do to,” said Adelaide 36ers CEO Nic Barbato.

“We know our members will join in celebrating and supporting this incredible charity”.

Dreams2Live4 was founded by Annie Robinson in 2008. Her personal experience with cancer gave Annie unique insight into the importance of “treating the soul as well as the disease”. 

Relying on the generosity of supporters, Dreams2Live4 works on granting a dream every 48 hours. Their goal is to make a dream come true every 24 hours.  

Basketball dreams are not new to Dreams2Live4. In 2020, Dreams2Live4 built a basketball court in the backyard of Dreamer Sue’s home, who just “wanted to sit on my back deck and watch my kids play.”  They also made Boston Celtics fan, Jarryd’s dream come true, when he was able to meet with superstar of the game Jayson Tatum. 

Dreams2Live4 have already made over 30 dreams come true for South Australian Dreamers, and with the partnership and support of the Adelaide 36ers, and you, they are on their way to make 36 dedicated South Australian dreams come true by the end of the NBL22 season.

“A dream gives the Dreamer and their loved ones something to hope for, something to live for. Through this incredible partnership with the Adelaide 36ers, we look forward to making more dreams come true in Adelaide and across South Australia. Dreams create special and lasting memories for our Dreamers, their loved ones and the greater community,” said CEO Louise Mahoney.

To learn more about the work of Dreams2Live4, please visit the website here. 

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