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CITB sign on to partner Schools Program

20 Nov
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Constructuion Industry Training Board join club in support of Adelaide 36ers/X Venture Schools Program

Adelaide 36ers are thrilled to announce the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) will be partnering with the club’s unique SACE accredited Adelaide 36ers XVenture Schools Program.

CITB will have branding and engagement with our SACE Schools program, which offers students a mix of immersive classroom and online-based learning via the Adelaide 36ers XVenture ‘Virtual Campus’ platform.

Adelaide 36ers chief executive officer Nic Barbato said the club is excited for CITB to come on board in support of the Adelaide 36ers/XVenture Schools Program.

“We are thrilled to have an industry leader like CITB to partner with us to deliver this exciting offering into schools across Australia and Asia,” Barbato said.

“Through the Adelaide 36ers XVenture Schools Program, we aim to help young people grow and develop into confident, successful, well-rounded individuals whilst achieving Stage 1 & 2 credits towards their SACE.”

CITB chief executive officer Holly Willcox said to partner with a professional sporting club to deliver opportunities for the next generation is a perfect fit.

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“In the construction of young minds; leadership and resilience are the cornerstone materials,” Willcox said.

“Just as we construct buildings with a strong foundation, we must invest in programs that lay the groundwork for a resilient, confident, and capable future workforce.”

The CITB partnership for the Adelaide 36ers XVenture Schools Program includes branding in the virtual world, with tailored construction industry leader videos embedded into the program as well as involvement in teacher personal development days and presenting to students.

Designed as a 60-hour course typically delivered across two school terms, the Adelaide 36ers XVenture Schools Program has the flexibility to allow schools to begin the program at any point in the school year and lessons are aimed at year 10, 11 & 12 students, with participants earning 10/20 SACE credits and a Certificate in Emotional Agility, Resilience and Leadership.

The number of schools delivering the Adelaide 36ers XVenture Schools Program has grown to over 20 schools in less than 6 months with the aim to have 100 schools involved within the next 24 months, which will also include schools outside South Australia and in Asia.


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