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Going pink for breast cancer at PINK SLAM

11 Sep
4 mins read
Adelaide 36ers, Hospital Research Foundation Group partner to support great cause in inaugural pink game.

The Adelaide 36ers are going pink for breast cancer at our October 14 home game and are calling all members and fans to jump on board.

In partnership with The Hospital Research Foundation Group, THE PINK SLAM game against the Illawarra Hawks will see the players dressed top to toe in pink with custom-designed PINK SLAM playing kits, which will also be available for auction after the game.

Limited-edition PINK SLAM merchandise will also be sold to fans prior to and at the game, to ensure the packed Adelaide Entertainment Centre is a sea of pink for the match.

All proceeds raised from the auction, merchandise and public donations will go directly to breast cancer research, patient care and accommodation run by The Hospital Research Foundation Group.

The cause is close to home as the club rallies behind local breast cancer fighter Leah Baylis – prominent business identity, mum of three and wife of South Adelaide Panthers stalwart Jason Baylis.

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36ers partners and passionate businesses have also jumped on board – with Jones Radiology the Major PINK SLAM Partner, Pro Team the merch sponsor, and Adelady joining Jarrod Walsh as game day hosts.

Adelaide 36ers CEO Nic Barbato said the club is excited to be partnering with the Foundation again and is excited about the first THE PINK SLAM home match.

“Our players, staff, partners and fans have really connected with the work The Hospital Research Foundation Group is doing across more than 50 areas of disease and in inspiring positive health and wellbeing in the community,” Barbato said. 

“We’re proud to be taking the partnership even further this year with the first PINK SLAM game against Illawarra on October 14.”

Leah Baylis, 43, was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 3 breast cancer last October during a yearly MRI scan – coincidentally one year to the day of THE PINK SLAM.

She had been vigilant with regular scans because of her family history and because she has dense breast tissue – making cancer harder to detect – and wants everyone to make sure they are vigilant with their health.

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“On the morning of my MRI, I almost didn’t go. It was a busy week at work, my daughter was sick. It was almost put in the too-hard-basket, which many women can relate to, but it really needs to go in the number-one basket,” Baylis said.

“I was diagnosed with a stage 3 hormone receptive breast cancer, that was spreading really aggressively. It hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes yet, but if I had put off my scan and gone a couple months later, it would’ve been a completely different diagnosis.”

Read Leah’s full story here

Baylis is proud to be an ambassador for THE PINK SLAM and The Hospital Research Foundation Group – noting research can change the outlook for cancer patients in the space of a generation.

“I think research is incredibly important, it’s amazing to think how far we’ve come over the past 20 years,” she said.

“I have a six-year-old daughter who is at very high risk, so we need to invest in research so the outlook is even brighter for her in the next 20 years.” 

Get behind THE PINK SLAM

This is the third year the 36ers have partnered with The Hospital Research Foundation Group and first year holding a PINK SLAM game, timed to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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The Hospital Research Foundation Group CEO Paul Flynn said 36ers fans were the most passionate in the league and knows they’ll get behind the cause.

“Everyone knows someone impacted by breast cancer,” Flynn said.

“The Hospital Research Foundation Group proudly supports research that helps with the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer, as well as patient care initiatives in hospitals and accommodation for country cancer patients.

“But this vital work can only continue with the generous support of South Australians and we can’t wait to see them get behind their pink 36ers on October 14.”

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