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Jarmer's Kitchen signs on for NBL24 campaign

21 Nov
2 mins read
Adelaide 36ers continue partnership with one of South Australia's premier restaurants

Adelaide 36ers are delighted to announce Jarmer’s Kitchen will continue its partnership with the club ahead of the NBL24 season.

Established in 2014, Jarmer’s Kitchen is one of South Australia’s premier restaurants and is run by revered chef Chris Jarmer, and his wife Linda, in Bowden.

The partnership will see Jarmer’s Kitchen fueling the 36ers players throughout the season and will play a key role in the training regime during NBL24 and will be the individual player sponsor for Next Star sensation Trentyn Flowers.

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“This is a key building block to providing players with the energy source required to compete at the highest level,” Adelaide 36ers head coach CJ Bruton said.

Jarmer said he’s pleased to be working alongside the 36ers and playing an integral part for the upcoming season.

“To have a professional sporting club approach us was an honor and we very much feel that we’re on this journey with them”, Jarmer said.

“We hope that our nutritious food will go some way in ensuring the team is fueled to make a run at finals.”


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