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Ninnis: 'There's never been a season like this'

08 Feb
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Dale Fletcher

Scott Ninnis said Sixers are focused on Bullets assignment ahead of Friday night showdown

Adelaide 36ers head coach Scott Ninnis says his side can only focus on Friday night’s showdown against Brisbane Bullets at Nissan Arena.

The 36ers face a ‘must-win’ scenario against the Bullets to keep their NBL Play-In dreams alive and Ninnis is confident Adelaide can rebound from last Sunday afternoon’s loss to Tasmania JackJumpers.

“We win Friday night, and there is still hope, that is what we are focusing on right now,” Ninnis told FiveAA this week.

“We can get hold of them, then we will worry about the next match.

“If we do sneak in, you never know what could happen.”

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Ninnis said Adelaide must replicate the defensive pressure the 36ers showed in last Friday night’s 85-78 against the two-time defending champions Sydney Kings against the Bullets.

“It was a really important win for us (against the Kings), not only for this season, but moving forward as well,” Ninnis said.

“We have showed some great signs this year, particularly in 2024 and that win was one of the highlights.”

Adelaide are in a logjam of six teams searching for the final three spots in the NBL Play-In series and Ninnis can’t recall any NBL season being so close in the standings.

“Never, ever been so tight, it’s astonishing,” he said.

“Just looking at the ladder, you get a headache, there are so many permutations.

“It’s great for the NBL, but so great when you’re coaching, there’s some incredible ups and downs.

“There's never been a season like this.”

Adelaide must win both remaining games to have a chance to qualify for the top six, but Ninnis said the side will continue their game-by-game focus.

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“From where we started to our turnaround in the second half of the year is unbelievable,” Ninnis said.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the group with what we have been able to achieve.

“What we have managed to do and work day in, day out, it sets up really well moving forward.

“This team has stuck together through thick and thin.”

Adelaide will travel to Brisbane on Thursday for Friday night’s must-win clash against the Bullets at Nissan Arena from 7pm ACDT.


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