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Rebounding the issue in United loss: Bruton

06 Feb
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Dale Fletcher

Adelaide 36ers head coach CJ Bruton said offensive rebounds was the main issue in the 116-107 loss to Melbourne United at John Cain Arena on Sunday afternoon.

United pulled down 21 offensive rebounds as Melbourne dominated the glass and Bruton said the extra possessions cost his side.

“Boxing out is key, especially when it leads to a kick out three ball,” Bruton said.

“There were some things clearly we would like to take back, rebounding is one of them and our turnovers just came at the wrong time.”

Adelaide, who were chasing a 23-point win to have a chance to make the NBL finals, started Kyrin Galloway instead of Kai Sotto as Bruton looked to play up tempo.

“We haven’t done it much all season, but changing the line-ups, looking to stretch the floor and shoot the three more,” Bruton said.

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“We were both chasing for the same thing and we wanted to give ourselves every chance.

“I spoke to Kai and KG about the switch at the airport, they were good with it and I told the team this morning to give ourselves every chance.”

Adelaide’s offense did click into gear early as the 36ers looked to chase a big score, shooting 58 per cent from the field, including 52 per cent from behind the three-point line.

“It was a high-paced, high scoring game, when you’re shooting those type of percentages, we were locked in for a shot at the playoffs,” Bruton said.

“To be able to score the ball like that, that’s NBA type stats. The way we shot the ball, we gave ourselves a chance.

“It was a great atmosphere, great game, but disappointing we didn’t come away with the win.”


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