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Vote for our NBL24 Indigenous Jersey design

11 May
3 mins read

In preparation for the NBL24 season, the Adelaide 36ers in conjunction with the Aboriginal Basketball Academy (ABA), have given our fans the opportunity to vote for this season's Indigenous Jersey.

Students at the ABA have designed jerseys as part of their curriculum and the Academy have selected four designs to choose from.

Below are your options for our NBL24 Indigenous Jersey

Sm Jersey1

Design One - Latisha Wilson

The meeting places symbolises the players coming from different parts of Australia to come together to play for the Adelaide 36ers which is represented in the middle meeting place.

The feet symbols are the people from around Adelaide plains coming to watch the 36ers play and the circles on the side of the jersey represent the four NBL championships the team has won.

On the top and bottom of the sides are water way symbols that represent the River Torrens River, which surrounds the 36ers home arena at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.


Sm Jersey2

Design Two - Jacob Foster

The meeting place through the middle represents how basketball brings the community together. On the side are rivers which represents the River Torrens surrounding the Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Kangaroo footprints on the jersey represent the dreaming of Adelaide and the people sitting represents the players, coaches and fans who help make Adelaide 36ers who they are.

On the back the four symbols of people sitting represents the four NBL championships the Adelaide 36ers have won.


Sm Jersey3

Design Three - Miles Rigney

This jersey design is the story is of an Aboriginal elder climbing up a giant hill to throw the red boomerang.

The white boomerang representing it and all groups who see this red boomerang all come to the meeting place metaphor for everyone being called to come and watch the 36ers play.

Adelaide’s NBL championship wins are represented by the stars and the footprints are kangaroo prints, the Kaurna peoples protected animal.


Sm Jersey4

Design Four - Jada Fitzgerald

Tarndanya is the Kaurna name for the sight of Adelaide South and the River Torrens.

The light blue lines being connected by circles represent the River Torrens, which surround the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, where the 36ers play their home games.

Four faint yellow stars represent the four NBL championships the 36ers have won in all their years of playing.

The little symbols surrounding the jersey number is the symbol for men, there are 15 of these symbols representing the 15 men which play on the NBL squad.

To vote for your favourite jersey, click HERE.

*These initial designs will be developed to fit with club and NBL guidelines for the NBL24 season


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