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KickStart For Kids (KSFK) is a not-for-profit organisation that helps disadvantaged school children in South Australia achieve positive educational outcomes and increased self-esteem through school breakfast and lunch programs, mentoring programs and their Camp KickStart school holiday care program. Today, KSFK supports over 350 South Australian Schools, provides around 50,000 breakfasts and 10,000 lunches per week, and is supported by over 600 volunteers.

KSFK founder Ian Steel, a builder by trade and father of three, spent many years mentoring young children experiencing hardship in schools. He observed many instances of poor behaviour and impaired learning ability that he didn’t see in his own primary school aged children, so he decided to investigate why these differences were occurring.

As a result, KSFK was founded on the belief that every child, regardless of their social or economic background, should have an equal chance to succeed. KSFK facilitate this belief by running school breakfast and lunch programs, mentoring programs and providing basic clothing and healthcare support in South Australian schools.

If children are attending school hungry or encountering hardship, they can’t fully engage with the curriculum, which means they might not achieve the educational outcomes required to success. Research shows that children who grow up experiencing hardship are more likely to remain uneducated and continue living in hardship as adults.


Breakfast and Lunch
KSFK serves 50,000 breakfasts and 10,000 lunches per week. The schools are spread widely across South Australia in the North, West, South and several regional areas. As children who come to school without having breakfast generally also don’t have lunch to eat, their volunteers also make 10,000 cheese and vegemite sandwiches each week. Read more...

Over 100 KSFK mentors are currently volunteering in schools around Adelaide. Their mentors spend an hour a week with a child who is at risk of disengaging from the educational system, or who needs a significant adult in their lives. Mentors work with kids during the school term to nurture and develop their self-esteem, get to know them and encourage them to work towards a better life for themselves. Read more...

Camp KickStart
Camp KickStart is a school holiday care program for vulnerable and disadvantaged children aged five to thirteen who don’t look forward to the holidays like their peers do as they are experiencing hardship. Over 350 kids attend school holiday care program across five South Australian locations. These kids are offered transport to and from home and excursions, with food, books, clothes and fun things to do. They are also partnered with mentors for extra support and self-esteem building. Camp KickStart school holiday camps rely on the generous contributions made by businesses, organisations, and individuals in the South Australian community. Read more...

How can you help?

These programs rely solely on contributions made by both commercial sponsorships and the generosity of individuals in the South Australian community.

Clothing donations
The children attending Camp KickStart are desperate for good quality clothes, particularly socks, underwear, long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies and other basic articles of clothing that are often taken for granted. These clothes do not have to be expensive and can cost as little as $5 from Kmart or Target.

On Tuesday, 4 May we are encouraging those attending the Adelaide 36ers home game to bring items for kids attending the camps for the July school holidays.

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