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The Adelaide 36ers Masterclasses are a quarterly two-hour training session which focuses on core areas of basketball development for players wanting to further enhance their skillset to go to the next level and are available to boys and girls from U10-U18.

The aim of the masterclasses, held at St Clair Recreation Centre, is to provide insight into how to train and learn the expectations of being a professional basketballer and for athletes looking to make the next step in their career progression.

The masterclasses will be on the following dates:


Masterclass 1: October 26th, 4:15pm.

Masterclass 2: February 15th, 4:15pm.

Masterclass 3: May 17th, 4:15pm.

Masterclass 4: June 7th, 4:15pm


Masterclass 1: October 26th, 6:15pm.

Masterclass 2: February 15th, 6:15pm.

Masterclass 3: May 17th, 6:15pm.

Masterclass 4: June 7th, 6:15pm


Masterclass 1: October 23rd, 4:15pm.

Masterclass 2: February 12th, 4:15pm.

Masterclass 3: May 14th, 4:15pm.

Masterclass 4: June 4th, 4:15pm


Masterclass 1: October 23rd, 6:15pm.

Masterclass 2: February 12th, 6:15pm.

Masterclass 3: May 14th, 6:15pm.

Masterclass 4: June 4th, 6:15pm


What you will need to bring:

  • Water Bottle
  • Pumped Basketball (please have your name on it)
  • Sneakers/runners with rubber soles

All purchases must be made in the name of the purchaser. Once payment is processed, please register your child or children with their Emergency Contact and medical concerns in the registration portal.

Location: St Clair Recreation Centre, 109 Woodville Road, Woodville SA 5011

$395 annually

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