The Adelaide 36ers in conjunction with the Make A Difference Foundation ( are proud to announce a Sensory Room for all home games and events at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for NBL 23 and beyond.

The Room, which will be introduced to a sporting stadium for the first time in South Australia, is a designated space for fans who are sensitive to noises, smells, lights and crowds and can be overwhelmed by such sensory impacts. 

One of South Australia’s largest disability service providers – Novita – assisted with the planning and layout of the space.

Novita clinicians were involved in selecting the furniture and other items for the Sensory Room, which were sourced through Novita’s assistive technology business unit NovitaTech.


A sensory room is a purpose-built space that is available to support people with sensory differences to participate. It contains a range of tactile, auditory, visual or movement based experiences that can help when someone might be feeling overwhelmed with the external environment. Everyone responds differently to different sensory experiences, sometimes we need particular support to manage this.


A private suite at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre has been converted into the first ever Sensory Room at a sporting venue in South Australia.

The space will include stimuli to help individuals develop and engage their senses plus a range of activities and games. The room is conveniently accessible, provides a comfortable and relaxing environment, and users will be able to continue watching the game.


People or groups with PTSD, autism, early onset dementia, anxiety, stroke patients just to name a few.

The space has been designed with school-aged children in mind, knowing that many of the experiences within will support people of all ages to best participate in the game, in a space that feels safe and supportive.


To access the space you'll need to register your interest by clicking here.

Guests will need to be accompanied by an adult or carer.

Please note this is subject to availability as the space is limited with numbers, therefore it is best to nominate a few different events or games in order of preference.


Do I need to pay to gain access?

 - No. The space has been designed with the purpose of making it accessible for all however you will need to register your interest to attend.

Where will I enter?

 - Attendees will receive all event information several days prior and will have access via the private corporate car park.

Make A Difference Foundation

Life has its many challenges. Luckily for the most of us, we have great family and friends to support us. We live in a great country which tries to provide services and assistance for its residents when they are in need. But what about those people who fall between the cracks? What about those groups who just don’t fit the mould for government or corporate support? What about those groups who are seeking funding support to really help people in need? What about those that are really suffering and could use some positive influence around them? So why don’t we … Make a Difference!

The Make a Difference Foundation is just that, a dedicated group of people who want to make a difference in people’s lives. The Foundation is driven by sense of ‘giving back’ to those who need help, in whichever form (i.e. time, donation, building, awareness etc).

Unfortunately, some people are living their life without support, positivity and hope.

-lets change that … let’s Make a Difference!

‘The Apex Make A Difference Foundation charity gala is to be held at the Convention Centre on Saturday 22 October. For more information or to book a ticket please click here’


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