Ticketing FAQ's

The table shows when tickets will be valid with the current fixture changes:

Tickets are available for all 36ers games listed below and we are pleased to continue the special ticket offer of $50 family passes by using the code36ersdiscountnbl22 to activate via Ticketek.

Original Ticket

Valid for:

28th December (36ers Vs Cairns/Perth)

Tuesday 18th Jan v Perth Wildcats

2nd January (36ers Vs NZ / SE Melb)

Friday 4th March v SE Melb

7th / 12th January (36ers Vs Cairns/Perth)

Sunday 27th Feb v Sydney

16th January 36ers Vs Tasmania

Sunday 20th Feb v Cairns Taipans

22nd January 36ers Vs Tasmania/Melbourne United

22nd January Vs Melbourne United

30th January 36ers Vs Melbourne United

30th January Vs Melbourne United

As a general rule, the ticket you purchased is valid for the date of the game, even when the opponent changes.What happens when there is a change in opponent?

For example, a ticket purchased for the 28th of December V Cairns, remained valid when the opponent changed to Perth.

What happens when the game I purchased tickets to is postponed?

The ticket you purchased will be active and honoured for a replacement game. You will receive communication once the replacement game has been fixtured.

You don’t need to do anything, your ticket will be active for the replacement game.

Can I use the ticket I purchased for a postponed game for any game?

No, this is not possible. It will need to be used for the replacement game. As tickets are already on sale for other games, the seat you have allocated will already be on sale and likely sold for future games.

What is a replacement game?

When a game is postponed, the NBL has to find a way to replace the game. It will essentially be a new game, not part of the original fixture.