Press Conferences

Thursday,  September 15

Press Conference | Craig Randall ahead of NBL Blitz

Wednesday,  September 7

Press Conference | CJ Bruton speaks ahead of preseason trip to Perth

Thursday,  August 25

Press Conference | 36ers to play in Phoenix & Oklahoma

Tuesday,  August 16

Press Conference | Craig Randall II arrives in Adelaide

Tuesday,  August 9

Antonius Cleveland arrives in Adelaide

Monday,  August 1

Mitch McCarron | 1.8.22

Monday,  April 11

Adelaide 36ers vs Brisbane Bullets | CJ Bruton & Kai Sotto

Saturday,  April 9

Adelaide 36ers vs Sydney Kings | CJ Bruton & Daniel Johnson

Sunday,  April 3

Brisbane Bullets vs Adelaide 36ers | CJ Bruton & Daniel Johnson

Friday,  April 1

Adelaide 36ers vs Tasmania JackJumpers | CJ Bruton & Sunday Dech

Sunday,  March 27

Adelaide 36ers vs SEM Phoenix | CJ Bruton & Hyrum Harris

Sunday,  March 20

Melbourne United vs Adelaide 36ers | Mitch McCarron & CJ Bruton